ProStar works with numerous national renewable suppliers and generators to design and vet customer proposals/offerings. These entities range from the following three categories:

  • Basic Renewable/REC offerings
  • PPA Financial off-take settlement
  • Synchronized integrated solutions between the Generator, Supplier, & Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE)

Each of the above mentioned product designs have certain aspects that make each applicable to the goals of a customer. While a REC solution and PPA financial settlement is fairly non-complex, a synchronized integrated solution would work as follows:

  1. QSE receives wind and solar production forecasts to align with load forecast
  2. During each interval of the day, real-time demand is balanced with real-time wind and solar production and schedules the generation to be delivered to client facilities
  3. Should an interval be deficient of the required renewable production, the QSE balances the energy requirements (or possibly implement Demand Response should facility be enrolled)
  4. Balancing Energy will be sourced from other Supplier renewable assets first and power grid as a last resort
  5. Weekly reporting to client regarding generation supply mix

Solar/Wind Renewable diagram (below), note, this can be structured as a Block MW quantity or 100% load following.


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