Energy Procurement Strategy Execution

The following outlines the activities and processes that occur during the execution of the Energy Procurement Plan. The ProStar Team will work through this process with as little commitment of Client resources as possible. We will from time to time require certain authorizations and permissions from Client to complete our work with utilities and other third parties.

  • Development of Client’s Energy risk assessment and strategy by facility.
  • Load data collection. Client authorizes ProStar to contact the utility(s) associated with each locations to obtain 12 months of historical usage data.
  • Issuance of Request for Proposal (RFP). ProStar will work with Client to develop, write and issue a RFP to be distributed to pre-qualified suppliers as part of the procurement process. The RFP product selection is based on the market specifics and how those relate to the overall Energy Plan.
  • Once responses are received from REPs, ProStar will evaluate such responses and provide the results to Client.
  • Specifically negotiated contract terms dovetailing with Client risk mitigation strategy.
  • Short-list of suppliers is selected and final executable pricing takes place.
  • Client makes final selection of supplier based on a combination of price, contract terms, incumbency of supplier, product structure, client input, etc.

Ongoing activities that are provided by ProStar include:

  • Monitor facility load and operational activities to ensure load stays within established hedge percentages
  • Capitalize on any market opportunities that are presented without a set time for contract execution, i.e. shoulder seasons, unexpected market drops, etc.
  • Coordinate load growth with suppliers, have load triggers in place
  • Continual market monitoring and information.
  • Single point of contact/customer service priority
  • Scheduled business reviews conducted
  • Regulatory review and updates as appropriate
  • Pricing Analysis and review of new market openings, Meter add/deletes
  • Load growth and tariff analysis for new and expanding facilities
  • Serve as liaison with retail suppliers and utilities
  • Additional energy consulting services including demand response, energy efficiency, and utility bill auditing.


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