With decades of industry experience dating back to early stages of energy efficiency initiatives developed for regulated utilities (i.e. demand-side management), ProStar specializes in comprehensive customized energy management efficiency initiatives. We collaborate with the client’s financial and operational leadership to design, create, implement and manage a customized and specifically-tailored energy efficiency program that will provide the desired cost-saving objectives while also complimenting the production requirements of the client’s core operations.

Prostar maintains industry relationships with multiple vendors, including lighting, HVAC, efficiency software and equipment, security, engineering and construction firms. We consistently monitor the marketplace for new equipment and products that will provide efficiency improvements for our clients. By participating in National Forums and Industry workshops, we are able to remain current on the latest energy management technologies.

Depending on the Client’s location (whether in a retail electric state or within a demand-weighted tariff) we can evaluate battery storage opportunities or even renewable generation as a means to lower on-peak power requirements. Wherever possible, we look at available rebate funds as leverage opportunities – to consider the path the incentives encourage so that we can leverage the funding provided to a project.

Demand Response

ProStar has explored Demand Response as a viable revenue generator for our Clients across the country. Nationally there are numerous Demand Response programs available, some are time commitment based, and others can be scheduled for certain hours of participation. Each program has benefits & risks to be cognizant of in order to operationally comply.

ProStar works with each individual Client to understand their operations and will coordinate proposals from numerous Demand Response Suppliers to assist in determining the best fit for the Client. Program participation can be greatly affected by EPA rules around air quality. Generators must be Tier 4 compliant in order to participate in most Demand response programs. ProStar can assist in determining whether generators comply with the new rules.

  • Air Quality Rules are divided into three main categories:
    • Criteria Pollutants or CAPs
    • Hazardous Pollutants or HAPs
    • Greenhouse Gases or GHGs
  • The minimum thresholds and targets are set at a federal level.
  • The states are free to impose lower limits and further requirements.


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