Welcome to Pro-Star Energy Services

Pro-Star Energy Services (Pro-Star) was founded with the mission of “bringing the power back to the customer” by utilizing our industry expertise to level the playing field of energy deregulation. Pro-Star has professionally represented a multitude of clients in providing consulting and energy management services across the United States and in the UK.

Pro-Star provides clarity to the complex world of energy for its clients. We leverage our experience and knowledge of retail and wholesale energy markets and the regulatory environment to develop a comprehensive strategy for our client’s specific energy requirements.

Pro-Star’s goal is to be your trusted advisor, providing professional strategies and solutions to assist you in managing and reducing your energy spend, now and into the future. We do not have a “one size” fits all approach. Pro-Star works with all of its clients to understand their energy environment, operational requirements, demands on their time availability and risk tolerance in order to develop and implement a comprehensive “winning” energy management solution.